20-24 Passenger Shuttle Minibus Rentals

Bus Trip Ticket has multiple listing for local Shuttle Minibus rental companies that offer 16-17-18-19-20-21-22-23-24 passengers Shuttle Minibus rentals for any group size nationwide and worldwide;  we create BTT to save you money and times set and relax, by using our reviews and bid tool to let local Shuttle Minibus Company’s replay with their best Shuttle Minibuses rate

The 16 to 24 Passengers Shuttle Minibuses are the wave of the future. With loads of room and ultra-comfortable recliner seating, as will you find in most Minibuses luggage space in the back and over head.

The Shuttle Minibus is one of high demand vehicle for small and medium groups for charter or local rental, they normally hire this minibuses for diplomat group transportation, business Shuttles, airport transfer, convention shuttle, dinner meeting, as will you can transport Groups for charter, with extra space to have luggage on the back of the Shuttle minibus.

The 16-24 passengers rental Shuttle Minibuses has a regular seating, CD Player,  and some of this Shuttle minibuses has satellite TV, flat screen TV’s, DVD player, free WIFI with outlet and more……