So much more than an ordinary bus charter company. As part of our ongoing effort and commitment to stay on top of all developments, technology and news in our bus charter and motorcoach rental industry, our Quality Assurance Travel team recently had the amazing opportunity to attend the 2008 United Motorcoach Association Expo. We can honestly say that we are amazed at (and grateful for!) how far the travel industry, and the bus charter industry in particular, has come in such a seemingly short amount of time. It wasn’t that long ago that passengers had no choice but to be stuck on a crowded bus in tiny, itchy, mystery fabric seats with little or no options for comfort or entertainment. Now, these charter buses are offering plush seats, wide aisles, customized tours and a wide range of activity choices and on-board entertainment options, such as WiFi (wireless Internet - something not even available on planes and trains!). We’re a premier company in the bus charter business. By attending expos and conventions like the UMA Expo, our Quality Assurance Travel team continues to discover and incorporate new and innovative ways to make bus travel and our bus charter customers more comfortable and "plugged-in" than ever before. And of course, our main priority remains the safety of our bus charter customers, whom we intend to keep as safe and secure as possible…that’s why we are always up-to-date with the latest in motorcoach safety and industry regulations. At the cutting-edge of charter bus and bus travel technology. Our large, diverse fleet is complete with luxury coaches, shuttles and buses equipped with the most advanced travel technologies: GPS technologies have been implemented throughout our entire fleet to ensure that customers reach their destination safely and quickly. This popular new standard also gives our customers the option of logging onto their own PC to track the location of their charter bus. Advanced DriveCam technology guarantees that our bus drivers continuously exhibit the highest standards of professionalism. Staying on top of the latest in bus charter safety regulations and bus technology is just the first of many steps we take to ensure the comfort and well-being of all of our groups and bus customers. Choose the bus charter company with the highest standards in safety and the most comfortable, entertaining bus rental options in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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