Welcome to Lamers' Motorcoach Department! A Lamers motorcoach is an ideal way for any charter or tour group to travel to their destination in comfort, safety and style. Lamers' fleet of vehicle are meticulously maintained and operated by a staff of professionals. For more information about our different vehicle types, see below. If you want to find out more about a particular vehicle type, simple click on the picture of the vehicle or the link at the end of the text. Lamers' Deluxe Motor Coaches are a classy, comfortable way to travel for groups of all types and sizes. Amenities include a restroom, climate control, reading lamps, cellular phone and 2-way radio for driver communications, extra head and leg room, air ride comfort, passenger windows offering a panoramic view, plush-covered, reclining seats with footrests, high-capacity cargo bays, plus above-head storage space, AM/FM radio, video monitors, and DVD players. WiFi service and other state of the art amenities are available upon request. Perfect for small to mid-sized groups of all types, these vehicles offer the same amenities as the large, deluxe motor coaches described above.

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