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A Goff Bus Company


About A Goff Bus Company

A Goff Limousine & Bus Company A Goff Bus.com A Goff Transportation All Points Shuttles Atlantic Limousines Executive Limousines Old Dominion Charter Bus Traveller Express Van on the Go Starlight Express / NYCShuttle.com We currently employ approximately about 80 great people who chose their own schedules based on their personal availability. Our staff includes full-time driving professionals who have been with us for many years, part-timers from City, County and University Transit operations, former business owners, many veterans, former and current government employees, Police Officers, Ministers, several teachers and lots of really great moms and dads who earn some extra dollars on the side. Our staff ranges in age from 25 to 70 and represent a wide demographic cross-section of the American population. We pride ourselves on our staff diversity across all racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, political and physical ability spectrums. We are a minority, woman-owned company dedicated to offering equal opportunity to anyone who meets our background and appearance criteria, is willing to work hard and be a pleasant team player. Our guidelines are fairly simple, they are: • If you take a job, you are responsible to see it through to conclusion. • We like constant communication throughout your workday. • Unsafe drivers rarely get a second chance. • Quality customer service skills increase personal requests from customers. • We never try to coerce you to take a run if you don’t want it. • Many of our customers are celebrities, discreet professionalism is important. • You will be responsible for plotting your own routes and knowing your way around town. • All driving staff-members are responsible for the lives of many people, safety comes first. • No Drugs, No Alcohol, No Exceptions. • The person behind the wheel is in charge and is always ultimately responsible. • Our driving staff must never be late for pickups and never speed or drive recklessly. • We do not tolerate abuse of our driving and office staff-members in any form. • We all depend on the equipment; therefore, pre-trip inspection habits are very important. • Criminal background and reference checks are preformed; as well as, drug screening. If this sounds good to you, download & fill out an application (by clicking the link below) and then scan and email it back to us or fax it to 888-977-7731 for an appointment.

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